The prestigious German journal "Frankfurter Allgemeine" posted a full interview with Fuji president Komori. I translated the most important parts of the Interview for you:
1) We were considering the acquisition of Leica but it didn't fit within our strategy.
2) We were ready to buy Olympus (yes he uses the past "were" and not the present "are"!). We made an offer to Olympus but I think Olympus is trying to remain independent.
3) Only 1% of our company earnings are made through classic film sales.
4) Komori also talks a lot about the med business: "we are developing a new drug against Alzheimer". And the film knowledge they have is very useful for the cosmetics industry. The antioxidants we use on films do also work on the human skin!

The overall impression I got from the interview is that Fuji is one of the few Japanese companies that is not in a deep crisis (like Sony, Panasonic or Olympus for example). They are heavily investing in research and at the same time they are enlarging their business on more profitable areas like medicine and cosmetics. That's why they are more interested in an Olympus partnership than a Leica acquisition. And I think that is indeed an intelligent way of thinking business. There wasn't a lot of talk about the digital camera strategy but I have a positive feeling about the company and their digital camera future!

via Systemkameraforum.

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