First X-E2 image leak?


Fujirumors just posted that image of the new Fuji X-E2 camera. If the image is real than there is really no major optical difference between that one and the predecessor. Here are also some more specs:

16mega pix
3 inch screen
Lens modulation optimizer
0.08 sec autofocus speed
Exr II

4 optical zoom
12 mega pix
12800 Max I so
0.06 sec AF

Reminder: The XQ1 is a compact and fixed lens camera!

  • Anonymous

    That image is so obviously photoshopped. Come on guys.

  • madmax

    XQ1 f/1.8-4.9, 4X zoom. This is as ridiculous as RX100 zoom. Wide end f/1.8 is not important except for marketing. Only that slow f/4.9 at the long end is to be considered.

  • Alexander Rutz

    Any rumors on a X-M1-like tilt-screen on the X-E2?

    • Jon R

      Unfortunately, no. The latest rumors are for a fixed higher resolution screen.

  • Roland

    Fake. That’s not even a correct Fuji numerical font.

  • Boogeyman

    What is the need for Fuji to be leaking information or even come up with yet another 16MP camera? ???

  • Mr Hipsta

    Looks real to me! Typeface does also look OK.

  • peevee

    What s the difference between XQ1 and XF1, especially so big as to warrant a new line name?