Canon about the EOS-M future: No camera with built-in EVF and no Lens roadmap.

Amateur Photographer reports that “Canon has no plan to incorporate an electronic viewfinder (EVF) in any future EOS M compact system cameras (CSCs) and will not be publishing a ‘roadmap’ of upcoming lenses.

I don’t know if Canon is just trying to fool us. becuase cameras liek the NEX-6 and Fuji X-E1 are actually real hotsellers (at least according to those Amazon rankings). My guess, Canon is talking “xxxx-shit” :)

  • Steve

    Unfortunately, I believe Canon is very serious about ignoring EVF and focusing this system on non-enthusiasts.

    • Mike

      I need a compact system camera for ski photography. Carrying a heavy DSLR setup in the backpack is not always an option.

      Cameras without viewfinder do not work outdoors, and especially not in the snow. On top of that, Canon refuses to indicate how it is going to produce compact tele lenses for its M system. If the 18-55 is an indication, there will be no such thing as a compact tele lens for this system, in the same way that there is no compact tele lens for the NEX system. This renders the EOS M system completely useless to me. The whole point of an ILC camera is the ability to mount lenses of different focal lengths.

      I ended up choosing between m4/3 and Nikon 1, and decided on a PEN E-P2 together with the optional viewfinder.

  • emopunk

    Are they simply admitting their epic FAIL?

  • Camaman

    Sounds VERY uncertain, not to mention unprofessional.
    They should learn from Fuji. It shouldn’t be such a big transgression to assure your buyers that what are your plans.

    Its not like there is a revolutionary focal length that your competition hasn’t thought of… Canon its not 1950…
    Lens tech and features you can hide. Give us a plan.

  • Vivek

    Good for them! :)

  • Miklós

    Blessed ignorance!

  • Reverse alchemist

    So it’s a two-lens system. Wow. Kudos to Canon.

    Bet the early adopters are loving this news.

  • Tenso

    I can’t understand the reasoning. Users who are used to smartphones and compacts are not spending thousands of dollars in cameras with interchangeable lenses + lenses. They have no idea what is lens aperture or ISO value, what is DoF or even sensor size.

    A system camera with an APS-C sensor is obviously targeted at enthusiasts. Who else would buy such camera?

    Worse thing is that this message is a kind of “Don’t wait for us”. Excellent marketing strategy (I for one was willing to wait for them a bit…)

  • esrhan

    The best part of this statement is that I don’t have to give a single euro to them. All I see is a dead end.

  • Roland

    It might as well have said that the EOS M system is dead-on-arrival if that is truly the case
    Too bad. it could have been a really cute new system

  • physica

    Ok, I gave-up , I will go for NEX-6 than. I’m waiting to see if there’s a “EOS FOR MAN”. I think canon will not do that….just only leave it for women….


    canon M series sucks so far anyway. Maybe they will come up with smth. absolutely new.

  • thode

    They aren’t fooling us – they’re fooling themselfs. They dream of better DSLR sales, when in reality everyone and her mother, is looking for a smaller/lighter alternative. They’ll wake up, when it’s too late.

  • Atlasman

    At the moment, Canon has no reason to push in the mirrorless market sector—they are doing just fine with their DSLRs.

    If I were Canon, I’d have some serious words to say to the senior product specialist. The last thing you’d want to do is send out signals of arrested development of the EOS-M system.

  • Luke

    Most young people grow up with point&shoot and iphone, which doesn’t have EVF. EOS-M target at them. I think cameras work fine without viewfinder. 99% of the world won’t become professional photographers.

    • viking79

      The problem is Canon is ignoring a very large group of mirrorless camera users that want an EVF and more advanced features. This isn’t a problem now, but currently those people are buying Sony, and the more that buy Sony the fewer are going to buy Canon in the future as well. Also, if people look at the EOS M as an entry level SLR, canon is fine, but what if they view it as an entry level mirrorless? Canon doesn’t have anything more advanced for them to upgrade too so they might be more inclined to go with Sony. I say Sony, but could just as easily be Panasonic or Samsung, or a different brand.

  • BdV

    Cool. Actually rather customer friendly: don’t waste your time, go look elsewhere, or you’ll be disappointed.

  • Sören

    Nikon 1 & EOS-M. Two big players in the DSLR business, two big fails in the mirrorless market and in 10 years two underdogs in the camera business…

    • youdidntdidyou

      don’t tell Thom Hogan or his disciples :p

    • fritz

      As soon as there is a reason fot them they will react, don’t think they are stupid. They know more about what costumers want than any of us….because it’s their buisness.

      • youdidntdidyou

        better to pre-empt than to react, because often to react is too late….

    • Mike

      You got it wrong. Nikon 1 has the potential of a very strong future.

      In a couple of years these little 1″ sensors will reach the same level of performance as current full frame sensors. With such a small sensor, Nikon has the possibility to develop some very compact lenses (which is impossible on APS-C systems like EOS M, NEX, etc…). As a compact system for the future, Nikon 1 makes a whole lot more sense than NEX or EOS M. Have you seen the autofocus and metering on Nikon 1?

      An interchangeable lens system is as strong as its lenses. EOS M, NEX, Fuji X will never have tele lenses or ultra wide angle lenses that are in proportion to their respective camera body sizes. Never. M4/3 does and Nikon 1 will.

      Of course sensor tech is not there yet, but Nikon (as well as Olympus and Panasonic) seem to be really planning ahead for the future. Nikon introduced the F mount over 50 years ago and it is still relevant. The Nikon 1 mount is designed to last 50 years as well, which is something that can’t be said about the ill-though-out EOS M, NEX, or retro chique Fuji X.

  • Mr Hipsta

    I don’t believe Mr Richard Shepherd. In one year time, the answer will be totally different.

  • brudy

    It makes the Eos-M seem like a toe-dipping exercise rather than taking the segment seriously. The appleTV of mirrorless cameras. I would never buy into a new system without some idea of what lenses are coming. Maybe they really see this as a second, smaller body for Canon dslr users or as something some rich guy buys for his girlfriend. I don’t know…

  • Rob P

    Canon is missing out on a valuable and growing market segment by not pushing forward aggressively with this system. I know other major player “dinosaurs” who refused to change and give consumers what they want: they’re called the music industry, and look what happened to them–they were decimated by the change to digital distribution!

  • skula

    Ok, seems like there is no future for Canon EOS-M system. I’ll buy Fuji XE1 instead. At least they have promised to release new lenses next year.

  • sparedog

    Admin, I think you mean bull-xxxx not xxxx-shit. The ´shit´ is the rude part of the phrase which needs to be censored, not the ´bull´ =D

  • Gunnar

    Canon seems to sit back and sell its name tag for some time now, i wonder how long it takes them to realize that they need to innovate or at least try to match their opponents..

  • Renato S.

    Seriously, who cares about Canon? They are neglecting the mirrorless market and crippled feats from their DSLR, there were no improvement in video since the 5DMKII basically – although a lot of people believe that Canon is a video powerhouse, when they are not, at least in the DSLR/Hybrid camera market. They moved all their video resources to the EOS C cameras. But even the EOS C cameras are crippled by them. Canon is doing very conservative moves, I expected much more of them, Although Nikon has been conservative too, they are at least experimenting some stuff in their Nikon1 line up, experimenting with pics with sound, high-speed videos, etc.

  • Perry Kincy

    They will go the way of Polaroid Land if they only concentrate on DSLRs. They are dinosaurs

    • Ke

      Canon are the biggest camera manufacturer in the world. They’re not going anywhere any time soon, even if their mirrorless option is very dull.

      • Ross

        And don’t forget all their other products like printers etc. I might take my photos on Olympus cameras but I print them on Canon printers (reluctantly).

  • One More Thought

    Wrong moves by Canon. I guess they figure they can coast on their brand name alone; maybe they can. But it seems they are making all the boring moves these days, while other companies make bolder moves and capture people’s imaginations.

    Again, they may know what they are doing…but it seems like poor business decisions to me.

  • Miroslav

    This way, they’ll end up like Minolta – soon we’ll only be able to buy Canon printers.

  • hugo

    “Shepherd replied that Canon’s extensive lens history suggests the company will bring out further lenses.”

    are u kidding ? when was the last EF-S lens release ? not counting focus motor updates and repackaging, something like 2008. They could as well straight out admit they don’t care about EOS-M and that it’s a dead-born system.

  • Sully

    Pathetic. After being the last to enter the mirrorless race, you’d have thought they would be watching the competition closely, and listening to what the consumers want. Instead they give us this glorified point-and-shoot abomination, and seemingly have little interest in producing a mirrorless Canon camera actually worth owning.

    It looks like either Sony with the NEX-6, or Fuji with their X-system are the best bets, although Fuji are turning a bit into a mini-Leica with the outrageously expensive lenses. I mean give us some relatively cheap options at least.

  • J-Man

    No EVF no sale.
    I would like to see Canon bring out a FF EOS-M with great controls, a nice large EVF, and a high DR FF sensor with low noise. They would own the mirrorless market.
    Add a 24, 35, 50, 85mm lenses.

    • Reverse alchemist

      On what basis would they “own” the mirrorless market?

      In the DSLR market, APS-C cameras outsell their ‘full-frame’ equivalents many times over. Why do you think that in the mirrorless market the opposite would be true and people would flock to buy a FF ILC with the increased cost and lens size that would result?

      It would seem perverse to reduce the size and weight by taking out the mirror, and then slap huge lenses on it that negate that and more.

  • Tom

    If I was a Canon user, I’d agree with you! As I’m not, I’m fine for them to fumble around a bit longer.

  • Foveonfan

    If they are failing so bad, why is the EOS M ranked 14th in the CSC category on Amazon, ahead of the OM-D and X-E1?

  • Narretz

    I think the buyers Canon has in mind do not care about lens roadmaps and EVFs. They are casuals, so they buy what is on the market, what is advertised and what has a well-known name on it.
    Although I have to say, I haven’t seen any Canon Eos-M camera anywhere in Germany.

  • Cloud9

    This might come as a surprise to you, but I know plenty of very talented female photographers. Some are also very tech minded, some just raw picture takers, but all would be very offended at your narrow minded view of female photographers.

    It’s a shame that people like you see them as limited in talent and capability by their sex.
    This is the 21st century. To be an accomplished photographer, you don’t need to be part of some stuck-up gentleman’s club.

  • Cloud9

    This might come as a surprise to you, but I know plenty of very talented female photographers. Some are also very tech minded, some just raw picture takers, but all would be very offended at your narrow minded view of female photographers.

    It’s a shame that people like you see them as limited in talent and capability by their sex.
    This is the 21st century. To be an accomplished photographer, you don’t need to be part of some stuck-up gentleman’s club.

  • youdidntdidyou

    canon and nikon have made the same mistake of treating their potential female customers as stupid with their nikon 1 and eos m design….heyho!

  • ulfff

    well im pretty sure canon has lost market share to nikon this year.
    more then in any year over the last decade.. im curious to see the numbers for 2012.

    the wind is coming frontal now….

  • babbit

    I think you misinterpreted his comment. He is referring to Canon’s own comments that the Canon EOS-M was small and simple to use (aka less buttons and dials) because it was targeted towards women. Because of that, the commenter is saying that maybe Canon should make an EOS-M for men since the reason the EOS-M is so basic is because they say they are targeting women.

  • Sören

    I don’t share your opinion, Mike.
    Your statement might come true for noise performance, but Nikon 1 will never be able to create shallow depth of field, because such fast lenses will not exist. That said, Nikon 1 system will never replace APS-C or even Full-Frame. µFT has the potential do kill APS-C DSLRs, because you just need fast lenses, which are coming step-by-step.
    The bad thing about Nikon 1 is that it doesn’t get really smaller than µFT. A Pen mini is as small as a camera can get without killing the handling completely. So what advantages does the “1” have over µFT?
    If the mirror disappeares, and I’m quite sure that it will, Nikon 1 can not satisfy all the former DX users, simply because there will be no f/0,7 lenses.
    And what is your critique against Fuji X? Mirrorless does not neccessary mean miniaturized, I think Fuji X has a good chance to attract ex-DSLR Users in the mirrorless future.

  • Reverse alchemist

    I agree. At the moment, MFT is at the sweet-spot for size/performance, but if Nikon keep a healthy R&D budget for the One system, they can leverage their lens know-how to make a really capable system that’ll appeal to enthusiasts.

    At the moment the system is held back a little bit by the bodies (a conscious decision by Nikon to target mass-market, but easy enough for them to desgin a more enthusiast-aimed body) and lens choice.

    I see myself staying with MFT for another 2-3 years, but after that I may end up with Nikon1, which would be coming full circle as I sold my Nikon DSLR to go MFT!

    It could play out to be a really shrewd move by Nikon too – I can’t see bodies getting much smaller (human hands aren’t shrinking), regardless of sensor size, so they can position themselves at the right spot years before others have to change mount/sensor size.
    Or it could all go tits-up and they mothball it tomorrow!

  • Gunnar

    i guess the Nikon 1 mount is meant to last 50 years because that`s what it takes to make it successful 😉

    even though i have to admit the N1 with a Rx100 sensor would be quite a potent package

  • fritz

    How do you manage DOF with this small sensors?

  • emopunk

    As long as users are not interested in DOF control, well, they’ll probably be satisfied with Nikon 1. When they become photographers, if they ever will, then things will change.

  • physica

    Glad to see someone know what’s going on and know what I means babbit , for the people who read that article might know what I am talking about.:)

    Oh yes , Cloud9. I’m surprise , I am surprise that you didn’t read that article for the interview ….. You will know what’s going on even you read only at the mirrorlessrumor , canonwatch and canonrumors……. I think you need to gather more information before blaming someone …

  • spam

    Statements like that is valid until they change their minds. I went for mFT when Canon launched Eos M, it was clearly not in the same league as mFT and NEX. I’ll evaluate Eos M again in a while when it’s a more mature system. As it is now I can’t really see the point of more advanced models.

  • YouDidntDidYou

    @Mike and @Reverse alchemist
    I’ll get back to your points tomorrow, am all computered out (been proofing photos from 5 weddings)…

  • youdidntdidyou

    @Mike and @Reverse alchemist
    in the mind of Nikon1’s target market the J1 and V1 don’t look any different from what they are using (compact cameras), it does gives its potential market connectivity , control or creativity…
    Also it was and is poorly priced in the eyes of potential customers, who will either just use their smart phones or look at the varied Micro Four Thirds offerings (probably PENs)…

    Mike:” Have you seen the autofocus and metering on Nikon 1?” it’s target market generally want to take pictures of their kids running round indoors (often backlit) for this reason alone the Nikon1 fails as it still gives blurry images… I’m actually pretty sure the Nikon1 mount won’t even be around in 6-8 years from now…

    Reverse alchenmist:Nikon enthusiasts are generally extremely conservative and won’t buy into the Nikon1 system in the future especially as many who did have been largely disappointed with the J1 and V1, also it doesn’t matter how healthy the R&D budget it matters how it is used and the minds involved….

  • Gunnar


  • youdidntdidyou

    Amazon rankings mean absolutely zero, many pre-orders get canceled and they have a high rate of returns, also outside of the USA they are easily trounced by better local internet competitors…

    tbh I’m not even sure they’re ranking/top sellers is even truthful…

  • Tenso

    The Nikon 1 system will never be a great camera for artistic pictures with shallow DoF, or a great low-light camera. But it will have it’s uses for sports, wildlife, landscape and general photography. It is small and works pretty good.

    Add some faster lenses (f1.2 or so) it certainly is an interesting system. But right now it seems that Nikon doesn’t quite believe in it. It’s half abandoned since it came out.

  • Sky

    shhh…. don’t tell it aloud!

  • Miroslav

    No, he wanted to say: “My guess, Canon is talking “650D-shit”” ;). That’s there are four x in there :).

  • physica

    If talking about the consumer , Olympus if doing a great job for their E-P with EOS-M AND NIKON 1….. But if you talking about PROs , or talking about the overall performance , NIKON 1 is much more better then CANON’S EOS-M ….I think canon should put more effort to the EOS-M , At least , give us a camera at higher tier

  • Random Poster

    Kodak was the biggest… and the rest is history.

    Interesting note: Kodak invented the first digital camera 1975.